Hier’s splinternuwe lirieke - soos lirieke vir Sing ’it, LitNet se liriekkompetisie, geborg deur Sanlam.
Cool new lyrics – like lyrics for Sing ’it, LitNet’s lyrics competition, sponsored by Sanlam.

2014 Ingrid Jonker Prize for English Poetry


Karin Schimke wins the 2014 Ingrid Jonker Prize for English Poetry

Sandton: Book Launch, The Rite Stuff


Pharos Dictionaries and Nedbank invite you to the launch of The Write Stuff, the style guide with a difference.

Interview: Birdseye by Máire Fisher

Máire Fisher, Jonathan Amid 2014-09-23

"What is particularly exciting is that Birdseye is appealing to a wide range of readers: from my sons and their friends in their twenties, to my father and mother-in-law in their eighties, to middle-aged men and women. I’m so happy about that – I love knowing that Birdseye is crossing all sorts of age boundaries."

Open Book Festival 2014: Programme


Here is the exciting programme of Open Book Festival 2014: 17–21 September 2014 at the Fugard Theatre. 

Cape Town: Launch of Hiking Guides


The Book Lounge and Tafelberg Publishers invite you to the launch of Mike Lundy's Weekend Trails and Easy Walks on 2 October.

Cape Town: Launch of Rachel's Blue by Jakes Mda


Join James Woodhouse in conversation with Jakes Mda at the launch of his new book, Rachel's Blue on Thursday, 18 September.

Poetry Reading: Dulce et Decorum Est


Kalk Bay Books invite you tot a programme of readings from the literary flowering of World War One, collated by Finula Dowling.

Launch in Kalk Bay: A Man of Good Hope


Kalk Bay Books and Jonothan Ball invite you to a launch of A Man of Good Hope by Jonny Steinberg on 23rd September.

Launch in Kalk Bay: The Keeper


Kalk Bay Books and Penguin SA invite you to a launch of The Keeper by Marguerite Poland on Wednesday 17 September.

Interview: Balthasar's Gift by Charlotte Otter

Charlotte Otter, Jonathan Amid 2014-09-05

"I grew tired of reading crime novels that began with a sexy corpse."

Interview with Brent Meersman of Missing Ink Publishers

Brent Meersman, Jonathan Amid 2014-09-03

"If I have to compromise on how and what I write according to somebody else’s views based on their hunches ... about sales – well, I’d rather not write."

18th Poetry Africa International Poetry Festival


The Poetry Africa festival, from 13 to 18 October, brings some of the world’s finest poets and musicians to Durban. 

Whoever fears the sea by Justin Fox

Gerrit Rautenbach 2014-08-29

Gerrit Rautenbach reviews this book by an intrepid traveller and travel writer.

Invisible Others by Karina Szczurek

Eva Hunter 2014-08-20

"In the time that Cara ekes out to Konrad she reveals little about herself and her 'invisible others', Lucas and Dagmar, who have marked her."

Review: Garden of Dreams by Melissa Siebert

Karina Magdalena Szczurek 2014-08-20

Karina Szczurek reviews Garden of Dreams by Melissa Siebert.

Interview: Garden of Dreams by Melissa Siebert

Jonathan Amid, Melissa Siebert 2014-08-18

Melissa Siebert discusses her debut novel with Jonathan Amid.

Interview: I See You by Ishtiyaq Shukri

Ishtiyaq Shukri, Jonathan Amid 2014-08-13

"I am the people I know, the books I have read, the countries in which I have lived – and very nearly died. In January I visited the Yemeni island of Socotra. It is truly the most remarkable place I’ve even been to."

Ken Barris + Michael Cope = Cope Barris

Ken Barris, Michael Cope 2014-08-12

"We worked the way we did because we’re the personalities we are, and we approach writing as we do, and the alchemy came from that wonderful unlikely combination."

Interview: Frankie Murrey on the Open Book Festival 2014

Frankie Murrey, Naomi Meyer 2014-08-11

"Really, though, for me success is seeing people coming out of events looking like the world has opened up to them ..."