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Removal of sexual orientation protection clauses from the Constitution?

Christina Engela 2012-05-16 Imagine that a group of right-wing Afrikaners suggested the invalidation of clauses in the Constitution protecting against discrimination on the basis of race, and only in certain areas under their influence?

Spoke om die lyf en die teks: Mark Behr praat prontuit

JB Roux Skrywersonderhoude 2012-05-02

"Hoe gouer wit mense en wit skrywers – beide Afrikaans en Engels – toegee dat ons oorloë tussen 1652 en 1994 gerig was op die beskerming van rassebevoorregting, hoe meer sinvol en kreatief kan ons voortgaan met die viering van ons verbasterde identiteite en veelvuldige lojaliteite."

Let's see how long this stays up

Christina Engela 2012-02-08 I saw a post on Facebook in which the poster asked what a political party's position was on legalising the drug trade in South Africa. The poster was of the opinion that legalising the trade would make things better and more controllable.

Open letter to Police Commissioner Mkhwanazi, Minister Nathi Mthethwa and Minister Jeff Radebe

Coenie Kukkuk 2012-02-06 There are now seven. Remember these names – because they will be coming back to haunt us. And you.

You, religion and the law – Coenie Kukkuk takes a closer look

Coenie Kukkuk 2012-02-06 Gay people all over the world have often been subjected to the wrath of over-zealous and mostly fundamentalist religious groups. It is repeatedly said that homosexuality is “wrong” or even “unlawful” because the Bible or the Qu’ran or Torah “says so”.

A Modern African Fairy Tale

Coenie Kukkuk 2012-02-02 There once was a king in a faraway land who had six wives and twenty-seven legitimate children.

Traditional hatred

Christina Engela 2012-01-17  What an interesting holiday season this has been! Three weeks went by so fast that I once again find myself writing the first article for the new year!

Lendetaal: Normaal of queer?

SJ Naudé 2012-01-13 Fanie Naudé resenseer Lendetaal deur Hennie Aucamp, en vind dit ’n kosbare versameling.

Top 11 2011: Christina Engela's list of events concerning the LGBTI community

Christina Engela 2011-12-15 This is a list of the top 11 events concerning to LGBTI people in SA in 2011. It has been compiled by Christina Engela, a trans-woman who lives in the sunny South African city of Port Elizabeth (known as the Windy City) – a tourist haven with an ...

Crime and contemplation

Christina Engela 2011-12-15 This past week I have been contemplating crime ... that is, the concept of crime and punishment. People seem to think that punishment and the concept of consequence provides a framework of limitations which go beyond just saying "don't". Punishment ...

Top stories from The Pink Tongue

Gary de Klerk 2011-12-13 This list has been compiled by Gary de Klerk, editor of The Pink Tongue. The Pink Tongue is Independent Newspapers’ community newspaper for and about South Africa’s gay community. It was launched in 2007 and is a free monthly community ...

Reclaiming the L-Word: Piercing the Solid Silence

Janka Steenkamp 2011-12-08 When I was first asked to review Reclaiming the L-Word I viewed the task with a little trepidation. What could I, a straight, middle-class, white woman, bring to the table, reading about struggles that I cannot even conceive of, in contexts completely foreign ...

There is in prejudice no fairness, nor equality

Christina Engela 2011-12-07 We are all losing a little bit of our equality and freedom, a little bit at a time. All of us, in every social grouping, whatever the basis for discrimination or differentiation, are affected.

We are Big Brother

Christina Engela 2011-12-01

It Gets Better campaign hopes to bring positive message to Cape Town’s gay youth

Andrew Barry, Steyn du Toit 2011-11-29 It Gets Better is an internet-based project in response to the suicides of teenagers who were bullied because they were gay or because their peers suspected that they were gay. Its goal is to prevent suicide among LGBT youth by having gay adults convey the ...

Passing on the Torch

Christina Engela 2011-11-23 It is very close to the end of another year, and the time has come again for me to reflect on the past, to take stock ...

It gets better Cape Town: Charlie Keegan

2011-11-21  Charlie Keegan speaks to GLBT youth for the It Gets Better Campaign.

Lessons in love

Christina Engela 2011-11-17 I love you ... The words are cheap and easily said these days, aren't they? I love you ... They can buy you happiness, trust, romance, company, wealth – anything your heart desires – if you use them well. Depending on your skill, and the extent of your ...

Mirror, Mirror

Christina Engela 2011-11-10