New writing

Fiction and prose by established and emerging authors

Forty years after dawn

Mbizo Chirasha New writing 2017-08-17

"State plans still dressed in torn overalls of parliament
Bullet speaks louder than ballot"


Heidi Henning New writing 2017-07-21

"Something is birthing
a nameless malady ..."

The revolution starts on the farms

Clinton V du Plessis New writing 2017-03-13

"The grandchildren’s mouths battling to form the words
they have unlearned Afrikaans
they do not know the somersaults the tongue can perform with the Taal"

Dad's car

Babatunde Fagbayibo New writing 2017-02-10

"On my way to work this morning, I drove behind
an old Jaguar, the same one Dad had mentioned
was his dream car."


Babatunde Fagbayibo New writing 2017-02-10

"... the drumbeat
will remind you of the debt 
of being awake."

I thought it was you

Sue Woodward New writing 2016-11-25

"... my eyes were tired
from the glare of dark men"


Sue Woodward New writing 2016-11-25

"I choose a leatherback
with whimsical face
and remember
that turtles are our myth"

under the bridge

Sue Woodward New writing 2016-11-25

"and the footsteps of the people with jobs
hurrying past the sleepers"

Karin Schimke on a writing workshop in Stanford

Karin Schimke, Naomi Meyer New writing 2016-11-08

"[Y]es, just about anyone can write, often must write – it’s an urge, a need. Anyone can put words on paper to give expression to something."

Saying Good-bye

Wanda Miles New writing 2016-09-21

"the cloud-mark of your plane
leaves its path of entrails
across our continent ..."

Roman rock

Isobel Dixon New writing 2016-09-14

"And there, before it levels out
to pebbles, sand, more gulls, crushed shells,
the nasturtiums spread their green-and-spice ..."

The guests

Isobel Dixon New writing 2016-09-14

"Not many visitors come to the farm,
but the sudden rain has charmed
a festival of frogs out of the mud ..."

That Saturday

Sundeeka Mungroo New writing 2016-09-13

"I was only eight when we moved into this apartment. That was five years ago. I remember being excited at the thought of living in a new place."

hier, die land | here, this land

Luan Staphorst Poësie 2016-09-07

"jy is ons ineenryger van asem                  
jy is ons ineensnoerder van stem         
jy is ons ineen alomheen"

If you arrive

Renier Palland New writing 2016-09-06

"If you arrive at my window ..."

The Beggar

Sundeeka Mungroo New writing 2016-08-18

"His lips mouth the word 'Please'."


Jaco Fouché New writing 2016-08-17

"For days the dog was subdued and miserable. It lay in the kitchen, not eating, but occasionally sighing through its nose."

Night Watch

Heidi Henning New writing 2016-08-02

"Forgotten honey and milk ..."

we are

Toast Coetzer New writing 2016-08-02

"when we call, our voices
dissolve, across the water,
in Vietnam, a giant soft-shell turtle ..."


Sundeeka Mungroo New writing 2016-07-27

"To stop listening to it."