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The fifth Mrs Brink, a memoir by Karina M Szczurek: a book review

Izak de Vries Books and writers 2017-10-17

"Karina Brink is now crafting a life as Karina Szczurek, author, lover of others, and who knows what else. André Brink’s presence will always be with her on her journey, just as his writing and his work will remain with an entire generation of readers."

#WritingCrime: An exciting tri-continental literary event on twitter

LAPA Uitgewers LAPA Uitgewersportaal 2017-10-10

Friends of #WritingCrime – please join us tonight, 10 October, for an exciting tri-continental literary event on Twitter. It will start at 19:00.

On the brink by Claire Bisseker: book launch

LitNet Books and writers 2017-10-03

You are invited to the launch of On the brink by Claire Bisseker on 12 October in Cape Town.

The Life of Worm & Other Misconceptions: a review

Karina Magdalena Szczurek Books and writers 2017-09-26

"Barris will make you laugh, weep and think. Read The life of Worm & other misconceptions for the pure delight of experiencing the short story at its versatile best: take a flying room, add a saurian, and see where they might take you."

Articulate Africa Book Fair 2017: an interview with Darryl David

Darryl David, Naomi Meyer Lifestyle and entertainment 2017-09-21

Articulate Africa Book Fair 2017 will take place from 29 September to 1 October at the Durban ICC. Read an interview with Darryl David, and see the full programme.

Wolf trap by Consuelo Roland: book review

Fiona Zerbst Books and writers 2017-09-19

"Somewhat darker and less fanciful than Lady limbo (although the same delightfully eccentric characters people its pages), Wolf trap takes Paola from a twisted Wonderland to a far more sobering reality (there are sly allusions to Through the looking-glass, and what Alice found there)." 

Sarah Lotz on writing, plot twists, and a BBC TV series

Sarah Lotz, Karin Schimke Books and writers 2017-09-08

"I write every day, all day. I stop at five pm for a couple of hours to walk the dogs. I don’t write down ideas for new projects. The good ones tend to stick; the others go to the great idea landfill in the sky."

Open Book Festival 2017: An interview with Mervyn Sloman

Mervyn Sloman, Naomi Meyer Books and writers 2017-09-07

"Really looking forward to some of the interactions between international and local writers, for example, Master Manipulators at 6:00 pm on Wednesday evening, featuring acclaimed British crime writer Ali Land, Norwegian Carl Frode Tiller and the exciting local debut novelist Chwayita Ngamlana."

The Fifth Mrs Brink: An interview with Karina Szczurek

Karina Magdalena Szczurek, Naomi Meyer Books and writers 2017-09-07

"Love is everything. It is the most precious thing that we are capable of as humans."

Press release: Open Book Festival programme 2017

LitNet Feeste 2017-08-28

The seventh Open Book Festival will take place from 6 to 10 September at The Fugard Theatre, District Six Homecoming Centre, A4 Arts Foundation, PH Centre, Central Library Cape Town, Elsies River Library, Kuyasa Library and The Book Lounge from 10:00 to 21:00 each day. 

African Library: And crocodiles are hungry at night by Jack Mapanje

Annie Gagiano Books and writers 2017-08-25

"This important narrative, like other well-known, earlier examples of African prison memoirs, many of them by famous writers, is a record of courage, friendship and enterprise in loyal league against the incarcerating, isolating and obliterating forces of tyranny."

Karoo explorers: interview with Chris Marais and Julienne du Toit

Chris Marais, Julienne du Toit, Menán van Heerden Books and writers 2017-08-23

"Our latest book, Road tripper Eastern Cape Karoo, is what you will not find on Google about the people, the lifestyles, the snippets of history and the best hang-outs for travellers in this magical region."

Early one Sunday morning I set out and discovered South Africa: an interview with Luke Alfred

Luke Alfred, Naomi Meyer Books and writers 2017-08-23

"I came from a walking and hiking family, so it’s a fairly natural activity for me. Walking gives you an interesting perspective into human time. I like its sense of scale and the activity’s meditativeness."

Press release: Jozi Book Fair 2017 programme

LitNet Books and writers 2017-08-22

The 9th Jozi Book Fair takes place from 31 August to 3 September in Johannesburg. The theme is Women and literature.

A man of Africa. The political thought of Harry Oppenheimer: book review

Bill Nasson Books and writers 2017-08-21

"Kalim Rajab’s collection is a readable and even-handed account of Harry Oppenheimer as a reticent philosopher-capitalist, leading readers to view him within the limits and possibilities of his time, and to appreciate in hindsight the flawed nature of his legacy."

Video: Launch of On Record by Schalk van der Merwe

Naomi Bruwer Books and writers 2017-08-18

Schalk van der Merwe's On Record – Popular Afrikaans Music & Society, 1900–2017 was launched on Tuesday, 15 August in Stellenbosch.

Die Mauer: A German crime thriller set in a South African gated community

Karin Schimke Books and writers 2017-08-16

"Annas has taken some pretty evident elements of the South African reality and mixed them into a breath-stopping brew: a wall, some 'intruders', a tinderbox socio-political milieu and a few overinflated egos that concern themselves almost exclusively with obsessively safeguarding the privilege contained within the wall."

The wisdom of adders by Dan Wylie: book review

Elsibe Loubser Books and writers 2017-08-16

"The story as a whole is set so far in the future, yet is so grounded in our connection to the primitive and natural world, that it conveys the same type of timeless appeal as Game of Thrones (although the latter’s genre is fantasy). For this reason, we can forgive the sometimes hackneyed feeling of the poems."

Losing the plot: crime, reality, and fiction in postapartheid writing by Leon de Kock: book review

Rita Barnard Books and writers 2017-08-14

"... De Kock, it seems to me, gets much right in Losing the plot. His preoccupations seem all the more relevant as we try to untangle the dense web of corruption in South Africa, decipher the shifty nonsense emerging from the White House, hope to differentiate news from fake news, and find ways of living in a murky world in which states have become indistinguishable from criminal enterprises and politicians from racketeers."

Apartheid: Britain’s bastard child by Hélène Opperman Lewis: book review

Vicki Trowler Books and writers 2017-08-10

"I came to this book interested in inter-/transgenerational trauma, as a South African, and read it as a case study of the Afrikaner as a particular case of such trauma. I left unconvinced, which is a pity."