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Press release: Lucy’s Dream by Joline Young

LitNet Books and writers 2017-01-09

Lucy’s Dream is an engaging children’s story that reveals slices of life of a little girl living in the fishing community in Simon’s Town up until the 1960s.”

Interview: Say again? The other side of South African English by Jean Branford and Malcolm Venter

Malcolm Venter, Naomi Meyer Books and writers 2017-01-06

"In the same way that we have Australian English, American English, and so on, we have South African English. Obviously all of these Englishes have a lot in common with British English, but they also have many unique aspects."

Book review: Travels with My Father by Karen Jennings

Mathilda Slabbert Books and writers 2017-01-06

"For me, this book is an unsparing quest for meaning on so many levels and one certainly deserving of the highest accolades."

African Library: Keeper of the Kumm by Sylvia Vollenhoven

Annie Gagiano Books and writers 2016-12-14

"Told with great candour and in her inimitable, forthright style, Vollenhoven’s is one of the most important South African autobiographies to have appeared."

Book launch video: The long wave |Dorado

Naomi Bruwer Boeke en skrywers 2016-11-18

Tom Dreyer's books The Long Wave (English) and Dorado (Afrikaans) were launched at Die Ouwe Klok last week. Dreyer was interviewed by Dawid de Villiers. Watch the video.

Interview with Dilip Menon - on Learning Zulu and monolingual universities in South Africa

Dilip Menon, Hans Pienaar Universiteitseminaar | University Seminar 2016-11-16

"What Afrikaans has developed, what English developed over a period of time, is the way of being able to teach a complete foreigner the language, and that is what we need for Zulu."

South African Literary Awards 2016: The winners

LitNet Books and writers 2016-11-10

The winners of this year’s South African Literary Awards have been announced.

Book review: There's always tomorrow by Abner Nyamende

Karina Magdalena Szczurek Books and writers 2016-11-08

"The title of the novel refers to something that Gabashe is told by Madiba himself: 'There’s no time to spare. The time for suffering in the hands of an illegitimate government is now over. Our uniting slogan says there’s always tomorrow.'”

African Library: The Shadow of Things to Come by Kossi Efoui

Annie Gagiano Books and writers 2016-10-26

"The shadow of things to come is a brief text that packs a mighty punch: it is a finely written and vividly imagined narrative, many of whose details I have not even mentioned in this profile: a grim, brilliant, spell-binding work."

Book review: Emily Hobhouse – Beloved Traitor by Elsabé Brits

Paul Murray Books and writers 2016-10-26

"Brits has brought the persona of a remarkable person fully to life in the text. South African Hobhousian historiography has become unspeakably enriched from her writing."

Book review: Going back to say goodbye by Kenneth de Kok

Reinhardt Fourie Books and writers 2016-10-25

"Going back to say goodbye tells the story of a boy saying goodbye to his childhood as it flits past. It is also the story of a boy saying goodbye to his father and, movingly, to a South Africa that both no longer exists and lingers on in surprising ways."

Ten questions: Arien van der Merwe on the book Managing diabetes and related health challenges

Arien van der Merwe, Naomi Meyer Books and writers 2016-10-11

Is diabetes a lifelong death sentence? "It isn’t. My book is a message of hope that this disease can be managed and even healed."

Invitation to book launch: Losing the Plot by Leon de Kock

LitNet Books and writers 2016-10-04

You are invited by Wits University Press and The Book Lounge, Cape Town, to the launch of Losing the Plot on Thursday 6 October 2016 at 17:30 for 18:00.

Interview: Marianne Thamm on Hitler, Verwoerd, Mandela and me

Marianne Thamm, Naomi Meyer Books and writers 2016-09-23

"I am pleased that the country I grew up in no longer exists."

Established South African writers doing it for themselves

Andrew Salomon Books and writers 2016-09-15

"Self-publishing is rising in popularity with South African writers who have previously released novels through traditional publishers. To get an idea of what the self-publishing landscape in South Africa is like, four local fiction writers – Paige Nick, Joanne Hichens, Janita Thiele Lawrence and Gareth Crocker – were asked to share their experiences."

Review: New Contrast Manifesto Issue

Annel Pieterse Books and writers 2016-09-14

"'Manifesto!' shouts the cover of the 173rd issue of South Africa’s oldest literary magazine, New Contrast. The effect is compelling: the reader is enjoined to listen and engage."

The People Behind the Books: Isobel Dixon, Poet and Literary Agent in the UK

Isobel Dixon, Jaco Botha Books and writers 2016-09-13

"But prizes, pleasing as they are, are not the pinnacle: the ongoing privilege and pleasure of my job is the stories, the stimulation, the richness of ideas and the precious relationships with my clients."

Invitation: Book launch of The Initiation by Mogorosi Motshumi

LitNet Books and writers 2016-09-12

You are invited to the launch of The Initiation by Mogorosi Motshumi on the 13th of September in Bibliophilia, Woodstock.

Press release: The Sefika Awards 2016

LitNet Books and writers 2016-08-31

The annual Sefika awards evening was celebrated by South Africa’s Publishers and Booksellers at the Vineyard Hotel in Cape Town on Tuesday the 30th August 2016.

African Library: The Oldest Orphan by Tierno Monénembo

Annie Gagiano Books and writers 2016-08-30

"My name is Faustin, Faustin Nsenghimana. I’m fifteen years old. I’m in a cell in Kigali central prison. I’m waiting to be executed."