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Indigenous “Khoisan” languages: an interview with Menán du Plessis

Menán van Heerden, Menán du Plessis Opinion 2018-02-15

"In fact, Nama is, for all practical purposes, the only extant Khoekhoe variety (and, indeed, the only Khoisan language of any kind) still spoken in South Africa today. Most of the remaining Nama speakers in South Africa (perhaps around 2 000 of them) are aged at least 50 or upwards, however, although attempts are now being made to reintroduce the language as an additional subject at schools in the Northern Cape." 

Water crisis: a country at war

Naomi Meyer, Karen Jayes Opinion 2018-02-15

"In the end, like in the book, it boils down to helping one another. There is great blessing in giving a glass of water to a poor and thirsty person. It is a form of healing."

Eulogy to Raymond Danowski – in sacred memory

Paul Murray In memoriam 2018-02-13

"[I]n the mid-70s as he [Raymond] was putting together his collection of 20th-century English poetry ... From this initial stage, today the final product amounts to what is now known as the Danowski Poetry Library – a 75 000-volume collection of rare and first editions of modern and contemporary poetry at Emory University. It includes every poetry volume in English published world-wide in the 20th century."

Review: When swallows cry

Mercy Kannemeyer Lifestyle and entertainment 2018-02-09

"The motivation for the play is clear, and this can be a very important piece of theatre: the refugee crisis is, sadly, an ongoing one, and in some wealthy parts of the world, like Trump’s America, refugees – or people fleeing to have better lives – are not welcome." 

We are a country in waiting

Mike van Graan Opinion 2018-02-08

"The postponement of SONA is a metaphor for where we are as a country. We are a country in waiting. The dreams of 1994 and our hopes as citizens have been deferred. Again."

A gap in the hedge by Johan Vlok Louw: book review

Janet van Eeden Resensies 2018-02-07

"The characters and the surroundings are drawn with the accuracy of a master painter, as the author’s descriptions evoke the hopelessness echoed in the area and in the lives of its inhabitants."

Navigate by Karin Schimke: photos from the launch

Naomi Meyer, Paul Reeves Books and writers 2018-02-06

Navigate was launched at The Book Lounge on 31 January 2018. Paul Reeves captured the evening with his photos.

Revolting rhymes – deliciously revolting

Reney Warrington Film 2018-02-05

"The animated film Revolting rhymes, based on the 1982 Roald Dahl collection of poems for children, co-animated by Cape Town-based Triggerfish, has picked up critical claim and several awards. It has just been nominated for a 2018 Oscar for best animated short. The film is deserving of all the praise."

Letter to a brother in rehab

Abigail George Poësie 2018-02-02

"I can only think of this.
That you can’t take photographs of
your healing."

Prague, your skin reads like emptiness

Abigail George Poësie 2018-02-02

"The mysteries of my sorrows
are like a constellation beyond
the trees."

Why I blog about writing and issues of mental health

Abigail George Poësie 2018-01-31

"He made careful movements
with his hands. Played a cloud study of water vapour gospel with his guitar."

Images of the strong handsome faces of men

Abigail George Poësie 2018-01-31

"And I was left thinking that glasses
make a face look interesting.
Even handsome. Even intelligent."

Vertical and lateral literary movements in a writer’s career. Breyten Breytenbach’s Windcatcher in the USA and the Low Countries

Yves T'Sjoen Books and writers 2018-01-31

"Research on the constitution of foreign images of a canonical Afrikaans poet can start right here."

Burgeoning Estonian festival seeks more African film

Clifford Roberts Film 2018-01-30

"'The selections from Africa up to now have mostly come from recommendations from friends,' says event founder and director Tiina Lokk-Tramberg. 'It is one of the areas where I would really like to get more submissions.'"

The Taming of the Shrew: Maynardville

LitNet Teater 2018-01-26

"A historic production of Shakespeare’s popular comedy, The Taming of the Shrew, will be presented at the Maynardville Open-Air Theatre this year, directed by Tara Notcutt and featuring an all-female cast and creative team."

The shape of water: film review

Reney Warrington Film 2018-01-26

"The shape of water is beautifully styled and filmed and the actors give it their all, but the lack of substance and a stock-standard script lets the whole production down."

The healing room

Abigail George Poësie 2018-01-25

"Moses’ forty years in the wilderness
became my own. I am a machine. A new leaf. I know
how to restore my own soul."


Abigail George Poësie 2018-01-25

"Barefoot in the sunny road of my dreams, I tell myself this./ Babies cry. All babies cry."

Navigate by Karin Schimke: book launch

LitNet Boeke en skrywers 2018-01-18

You are invited to the launch of Navigate on 31 January in Cape Town. Jolyn Phillips will introduce the poet, Karin Schimke, who will also read from her poetry collection.

Navigate: an interview with Karin Schimke

Karin Schimke, Naomi Meyer Skrywersonderhoude 2018-01-18

"On a day-to-day basis, poems rush by me and through me all the time, and only now and again do I have the time to snatch them by their slippery tails and nail them to the page."