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Remembering a magician: A tribute to the memory of Judith Mason

Keith Dietrich In memoriam 2017-01-16

"Judith Mason was without any doubt a maestro. Her paintings are meticulously crafted."

An interview with the daughters of Judith Mason

Tamar Mason, Petra Mason, Herman Lategan English 2017-01-09

The artist Judith Mason (78) died in White River on 29 December 2016. Herman Lategan decided to ask her daughters Tamar and Petra what they remember about their strong, gentle mother.

Press release: Lucy’s Dream by Joline Young

LitNet Books and writers 2017-01-09

Lucy’s Dream is an engaging children’s story that reveals slices of life of a little girl living in the fishing community in Simon’s Town up until the 1960s.”

Interview: Say again? The other side of South African English by Jean Branford and Malcolm Venter

Malcolm Venter, Naomi Meyer Books and writers 2017-01-06

"In the same way that we have Australian English, American English, and so on, we have South African English. Obviously all of these Englishes have a lot in common with British English, but they also have many unique aspects."

Book review: Travels with My Father by Karen Jennings

Mathilda Slabbert Books and writers 2017-01-06

"For me, this book is an unsparing quest for meaning on so many levels and one certainly deserving of the highest accolades."

African Library: Keeper of the Kumm by Sylvia Vollenhoven

Annie Gagiano Books and writers 2016-12-14

"Told with great candour and in her inimitable, forthright style, Vollenhoven’s is one of the most important South African autobiographies to have appeared."

Ghent University and South Africa: An overview and new perspectives

Yves T'Sjoen Opinion 2016-12-14

"The story of our research cooperation has just started."

Press release: Oh Baby, I’m a wild one

LitNet English 2016-12-09

Acclaimed playwright Louis Viljoen’s new one-woman show, Oh Baby, I'm a wild one, debuts at Alexander Bar & Café in December 2016. 

Jason Lloyd interviews Gerald Edwards

Gerald Edwards, Jason Lloyd English 2016-12-05

"We were told we are no longer stuck
On the bottom floor
Vote for me
I will set you free ..."

Richard Stirton: "It's about the message"

Henry Cloete Musiek 2016-12-01

"I always wrote for myself, but I now try to write more for the listener and how best I can structure the song so the message reaches him or her quickly and concisely."

A reading of Claudius’s State of the Nation Address in Hamlet

Phil Ndlela English 2016-11-30

There is, in fact, no need to drag politics into literary theory: as with South African sport, it has been there from the beginning.”

I thought it was you

Sue Woodward New writing 2016-11-25

"... my eyes were tired
from the glare of dark men"


Sue Woodward New writing 2016-11-25

"I choose a leatherback
with whimsical face
and remember
that turtles are our myth"

under the bridge

Sue Woodward New writing 2016-11-25

"and the footsteps of the people with jobs
hurrying past the sleepers"

Book launch video: The long wave |Dorado

Naomi Bruwer Boeke en skrywers 2016-11-18

Tom Dreyer's books The Long Wave (English) and Dorado (Afrikaans) were launched at Die Ouwe Klok last week. Dreyer was interviewed by Dawid de Villiers. Watch the video.

Interview with Dilip Menon - on Learning Zulu and monolingual universities in South Africa

Dilip Menon, Hans Pienaar Universiteitseminaar | University Seminar 2016-11-16

"What Afrikaans has developed, what English developed over a period of time, is the way of being able to teach a complete foreigner the language, and that is what we need for Zulu."

A Tribe Called Quest’s first studio album since 1998 and the potency of conscious hip hop

Annie Klopper Opinion 2016-11-15

"The most important hip hop album of 2016 – and one of the biggest releases of the year – dropped in the same week Republican Donald Trump stunned the world with a surprise presidential victory over Democratic rival Hillary Clinton."

South African Literary Awards 2016: The winners

LitNet Books and writers 2016-11-10

The winners of this year’s South African Literary Awards have been announced.

Karin Schimke on a writing workshop in Stanford

Karin Schimke, Naomi Meyer New writing 2016-11-08

"[Y]es, just about anyone can write, often must write – it’s an urge, a need. Anyone can put words on paper to give expression to something."

Book review: There's always tomorrow by Abner Nyamende

Karina Magdalena Szczurek Books and writers 2016-11-08

"The title of the novel refers to something that Gabashe is told by Madiba himself: 'There’s no time to spare. The time for suffering in the hands of an illegitimate government is now over. Our uniting slogan says there’s always tomorrow.'”