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Apartheid: Britain's bastard child, an interview with Hélène Opperman Lewis

Herman Lategan, Hélène Opperman Lewis Books and writers 2017-06-13

"Before answering, let’s clarify the thorny issue of racism first. And let’s be clear – white racism arrived with the arrival of all Europeans in southern Africa. It’s not something that suddenly surfaced in 1948! And it certainly is not something peculiar to southern Africa only!"

Fatima Meer: Albie Sachs's impressions and Winnie Mandela's foreword

Albie Sachs Books and writers 2017-06-13

"The personal and the political are woven inextricably into each other by her life and in her prose."

The Fugard Theatre announces The road to Mecca to celebrate Athol Fugard’s 85th birthday

LitNet Lifestyle and entertainment 2017-06-12

"The road to Mecca tells the story of a woman's desire for personal and artistic freedom within the narrow confines of a conservative and highly religious community in the Karoo in the early seventies."

Press release: The Fugard Theatre's production of King Kong – The Musical

LitNet Teater 2017-06-09

"King Kong – The Musical tells the story of heavyweight fifties boxing champion Ezekiel Dlamini, whose self-appointed ring name was King Kong, to the wildly exhilarating music of Todd Matshikiza."

CTMA, SU & Berklee: Learning to Live Music outreach and showcase concert 2017

LitNet Lifestyle and entertainment 2017-06-08

"Music and education transcend borders, languages, and cultures, so this is an extraordinary opportunity for our organizations to work together to forge new paths create opportunities for young people worldwide."

Press release: Update on Durban's bid for Unesco City of Literature

Darryl David Books and writers 2017-06-08

"'We’re in the home stretch,' says Darryl Earl David, former Head of Afrikaans at UKZN, founder of South Africa’s national Booktown in the Karoo, and the man heading Durban’s bid for Unesco City of Literature status."

Press release: Book Time with Eastern Cape authors at SunKissed

LitNet Books and writers 2017-06-06

"Friends and residents of the Eastern Cape – and especially book lovers – have a terrific opportunity to learn more about the cultural richness of their region when two local authors bring their poetry and stories to SunKissed, a specialist arts and craft shop at the East London Airport on 15 June."

Sixteen international authors confirmed for the 2017 Open Book Festival

LitNet Books and writers 2017-06-05

"The Open Book Festival will be presented from 6 to 10 September 2017, once again offering a world-class selection of book launches, panel discussions, workshops, masterclasses, readings, performances and more."

Press release: “Streetkids” to perform at Artscape’s Zip Zap Circus lunch hour concert

LitNet Leefstyl 2017-06-02

"Zip Zap Circus will be bringing a fun-filled performance to the Artscape Lunch Hour Concert on the 6th of June."

A vision for Afrikaans

Andries Visagie Universiteitseminaar | University Seminar 2017-06-01

"I am excited by the many strong voices that are currently speaking up in Kaaps. Listening to Kaaps in a film such as Noem my skollie or in an excellent play like Kristalvlakte by Amy Jephta, one is struck by the absurdity of dismissing Kaaps as little more than a 'jokey language'."

Unpresidented by Paige Nick: book review

Andrew Salomon Books and writers 2017-05-31

"Paige Nick has demonstrated a unique talent for taking the pulse of present-day South Africa and weaving a story that offers the country’s zeitgeist to readers in an entertaining, irreverent and enjoyably subversive manner."

foodSTUFF by Tony Jackman: book launch

LitNet Books and writers 2017-05-25

You are invited to the launch of foodSTUFF by food writer Tony Jackman, where he will be in conversation with Nancy Richards.

Press release: Zbigniew Herbert International Literary Award ceremony

LitNet Books and writers 2017-05-24

This year's Zbigniew Herbert International Literary Award is awarded to Breyten Breytenbach. The ceremony will be held on May 25th and the event will be streamed live

The working poor, the fractures in the ANC and the South African situation: an interview

Hans Pienaar, Lawrence Hamilton Onderhoude 2017-05-23

"So, there are only really two options … in politics. You somehow make the changes in the interests of most of the big players. So, you would somehow persuade the ANC, the EFF and the DA that these pieces of change are in their interest – which is, at the very least, a complex process. It’s not reachable because, generally speaking, people in politics, and particularly in South Africa, have a conservative bent; they want to keep things as they are."

Being Kari: an interview with Qarnita Loxton

Qarnita Loxton, Naomi Meyer Books and writers 2017-05-16

"I also wanted to write about an adult love relationship, and in the Cape Town context, it seemed authentic to include an intercultural relationship which raised questions of identity."

Baxter Theatre Centre launches 40/80 public fundraising initiative

LitNet Lifestyle and entertainment 2017-05-16

"This simple and accessible campaign is a fundraising drive inviting the public and the business sector to join them in turning a 40-year legacy into an 80-year commitment, thereby ensuring that this illustrious legacy will continue for future audiences and artists."

Shortlist of the 2017 Sunday Times Literary Awards announced

LitNet Books and writers 2017-05-16

“The shortlisted books always reflect what is happening in our society and this year it’s clear that the political has become the personal, and that we have to look at what happened to find out who and where we are today."

Guardians of the galaxy Vol 2: a film review

Reney Warrington Film 2017-05-15

"I admit my heart once again fluttered when I sat down and ogled the fans, lights and race car-type seats. Would going to the movies become an experience again? Would I anxiously anticipate the release of intriguing titles?"

Local film clinches 8th award at New York film festival

LitNet Film 2017-05-15

"Local film Krotoa will only be released in South Africa in August, yet it has already managed to conquer the hearts of international film lovers and critics."

Get up! Stand up! by Mark Heywood: book launch

LitNet Books and writers 2017-05-15

You are invited to the launch of Get up! Stand upin Cape Town, where author Mark Heywood will be in conversation with Redi Thabi.