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Chronicle of a coming of age? A media-historiographical revisit: The TRC, Naspers and Afrikaans journalism

Lizette Rabe Academic research 2017-11-30

"Twenty years later one can state that the interpretation of the events is a good example of both concepts of loyal resistance and the idea of the continuous, open dialogue that moulded Naspers’s inherent culture."

Becoming: The role of numinosity and mysticism in Sondag op ’n voëlplaas (2013) by Johann Nell.

Joanita Erasmus-Alt, Hennie van Coller Academic research 2017-11-28

"Nell's text thus, especially by its use of numinous and mystical elements, provides a provocative and profound perspective on the human soul and the continuous quest for psychological integration."

Developing ecoliteracy in an Afrikaans reading series

Henriëtte Loubser Academic research 2017-11-28

"Through knowledge of the natural systems and an understanding of the intertwinement of all things in the cycle of life, the child reader may be empowered to engage in talking about the natural environment and environmental issues in an informed and critical way."

Online learning environments: A key to the continuing professional development of teachers

Christa van Staden Academic research 2017-11-27

"Online learning environments allow teachers to collectively solve the problems they encounter, despite hierarchical, geographical and time differences."

The metaphysical tradition today. An interpretation of Eric D. Perl

Danie Goosen Academic research 2017-11-22

"During the last century and more we learned to accept the idea that being is not an unchangeable reality, but a mere construct imposed on an empty, meaningless and random reality through our own rhetorical inventiveness and technical manipulations."

A functionalist approach to linguistic and cultural differences in a sample translation of Daniel Kehlmann’s novel Die Vermessung der Welt into Afrikaans

Koos Holtzhausen, Lelanie de Roubaix Academic research 2017-11-16

"Ultimately, we found that while a literal translation was feasible due to the close link between the Afrikaans and German language systems, it remains necessary to pay attention to the conventions of Afrikaans in order not to detract from the target-text reader’s experience of the text."

Patriotic songs as ideological discourse: a figurative semiotic analysis

Charla Schutte, Martina Viljoen Academic research 2017-11-02

"The analysis therefore indicates that figurative expressions such as patriotic songs may act as powerful political instruments with a view to nation-building and the strengthening of ideological beliefs."

The use of flash cards as an aid in the acquisition of sight vocabulary by learners with reading deficiency

Ansie Lessing, Marike W de Witt Academic research 2017-10-26

"The objective of this investigation, namely to establish whether learners’ sight vocabulary can be improved by means of enjoyable flash card activities, was achieved. In general there was improvement in reading speed, reading accuracy and comprehension."

The hermeneutics of faith

Vincent Brümmer Academic research 2017-10-25

"Believers are not purely cognitive beings. They are beings who try to make sense of their lives and experience by interpreting these in terms of the heritage of faith handed down to them in a religious tradition. In this way faith is a hermeneutical rather than a cognitive phenomenon."

Prophecy in the Hebrew Bible, early Christianity and contemporary Pentecostalism: A question about continuity and discontinuity

Marius Nel Academic research 2017-10-19

"Pentecostals assume that God still speaks through prophets and prophecy that often contains social and religious criticism against the church or individuals. Prophecy in the Hebrew Bible displays diversity, sometimes as the interpretation of dreams and visions and at other times as insights formed in the mind."

The vowel system of Genadendal Afrikaans: An exploratory study

Daan Wissing Academic research 2017-10-05

"This article reports on an acoustic investigation into aspects of the vowel system of Genadendal Afrikaans (GA), an important variety of so-called Coloured Afrikaans which is spoken in the Western Cape. The aforementioned vowel system is compared with that of Standard Afrikaans (SA)."

An investigation concerning the human dignity of brown state pensioners

Jacobus Carnow, Christo Thesnaar Academic research 2017-09-29

"Through preaching, Bible study, programmes and other methods, the Church could use the values of reciprocity and responsibility to assert that one should do to older people what you would like done to you."

The extended programme as a tool for widening access to South African higher education – reflections on the experience of the University of the Free State’s Faculty of Law

Leani van Niekerk Academic research 2017-09-21

"An extended degree programme is based on the same curriculum as the mainstream programme, but students are granted an additional year of study along with supplementary learning opportunities and student support to complete the requirements for the qualification."

The navigational practices of learners from poor, rural areas

Jerome Joorst Academic research 2017-09-20

"Despite poor academic results by learners from poor, rural backgrounds together with popular media often positioning them as deficient in the schooling system, this article suggests that it is these unique forms of capital which are central in supporting such learners to remain in school and that these generalisations often conceal an undiscovered world of navigational strategies that these learners use to stay on course."

N.P. Van Wyk Louw through the eyes of Adam Small

Hein Willemse Academic research 2017-09-20

"It is found that as a cultural mediator, Small in his eagerness to introduce Louw to English-speaking South Africans, and in one instance, to young black South African students, may be reconstructing Louw’s position."

“A postcolonial Umwelt cabinet”: questions about a transnational poetics in Afrikaans with reference to Marlene van Niekerk’s Kaar

Louise Viljoen Academic research 2017-09-12

"This article asks the question whether one can speak of a transnational poetics in the case of poets who write in a local and minor language such as Afrikaans."

An evaluation of educators’ morale in schools in Wellington

Kobus Liebenberg Academic research 2017-09-12

"Although low morale is caused by factors at national level, in schools, the community and in the classroom, sustainable high morale must be managed daily by school management teams and governing bodies, supported by the provincial and national education departments."

Reverberations of Poerpasledam for flute and piano by Arnold van Wyk

Marietjie Pauw Academic research 2017-09-07

"Through this article curation the reverberations of Poerpasledam resonate into juxtapositions of time, place and ideology while contemporary music practices change."

Forgiveness education: Has it been (pre-)theoretically adequately grounded?

Hannes van der Walt Academic research 2017-08-29

"Teaching that affords social space for accommodating both the victim and the perpetrator and at the same time promotes forgiveness in a pedagogically sound manner, that is, that leads, guides, cares, forms, develops and unfolds the learners’ capabilities and potential, and is rooted in this ethical underpinning, can be expected to be effective and impactful."

Silence and agency in André P. Brink’s slave novel Philida

Shamiega Chaudhari Academic research 2017-08-24

"For some, their silence served as a protective mechanism because they believed that they were protecting their own well-being and those of their children and relatives. Others regarded their silence as a forced burden that muted both their peace and their hopes while condemning their children to a similar fate or one even worse."