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Straight-hygliteratuur | Straight Erotic Literature

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Hygverhale met heteroseksuele temas
Erotic literature with heterosexual themes

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Sewe sondes en een gesteelde nag
Anri Visser

"Die twee uur lange rit voel soos ’n dae lange reis. Dit het fyn beplanning gekos om hierdie nag moontlik te maak. As iemand ooit moet weet ..."

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Spesiale projekte | Special projects

Playing the game

Anna Martens

"Pleasure? Could pleasure be had from making babies? And can young women have pleasure with each other? These were new thoughts but she didn't have time to consider them."


Bieg: My eerste wens vir jou

Die Uitgewer

"Ek sal jou graag saam met ’n ander ou wil bykom."