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Christina Engela: Fundamentally Speaking

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Christina Engela is a trans woman who, over the past ten years, has written eleven books, eight of them sci-fi comedy novels using GLBT or I characters, and the rest books on human rights matters affecting the pink community. Her articles on gay and transgender rights are reproduced on several sites on the web.

Let's see how long this stays up
Christina Engela

I saw a post on Facebook in which the poster asked what a political party's position was on legalising the drug trade in South Africa. The poster was of the opinion that legalising the trade would make things better and more controllable.

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Gender is ’n konstruksie

Joan Hambidge

My pa

My pa
wou ons Sondae treat
met ’n ete in die Masonic
of in oom Boetie Michaels se hotel,
ja, daardie hotel wat in die vloed bly staan het
toe sy ma op die boonste verdieping toekyk vanuit die Ark
en die off-sales besteel word en die Vaalrivier oor sy walle stroom.