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Is Afrikaans Literature a World Literature? New Notes on an Old Field
Jeanne-Marie Jackson, Leon de Kock

"'A world literature' ... gets us asking a really hard question: What are the standards by which a set group of texts or writers – not the one, but also not the many – can be said to be 'of the world', or of a world standard?"

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Big Book Chain Chat

Writers talk books, writing and everything in between.


The we field

Jaco Fouché

The microbus goes again, and she is alone when she trudges along the mud-smeared path to the front door of the long building, a forty-year-old woman in a long brown skirt, long red pullover, and a woollen cap with flaps hanging over her ears.


Review: An Imperfect Blessing by Nadia Davids

Jonathan Amid

"Davids is unafraid to tackle hefty questions that refuse arbitrary answers: How does transformation and transition take place? Who gets to determine the course and character of relationships?"


One Man vs "One Man"

James Woodhouse, Naomi Meyer

James Woodhouse, publisher at Kwela, tells Naomi Meyer about a literary coincidence – some real life crime fiction.


Review: The Space Between the Space Between by John Hunt

Liam Kruger

"On the one hand this emphasis of presence counts for the novel’s not unremarkable sense of immediacy; I read the thing in two sittings, and not unhappily."


Charlie Hebdo: Seeing the bigger picture

Karen Jayes

Karen Jayes: "The tragic killings in Paris are a window on how the War on Terror works, and how moderation can make it stop."


Found in Translation

Jaco Botha, Mike Nicol

A casual conversation between Of Cops & Robbers author Mike Nicol and Jaco Botha, who translated the novel into the Afrikaans as Dieners & Donners.


2014 Ingrid Jonker Prize for English Poetry


Karin Schimke wins the 2014 Ingrid Jonker Prize for English Poetry