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Interview: Garden of Dreams by Melissa Siebert
Jonathan Amid, Melissa Siebert

Melissa Siebert discusses her debut novel with Jonathan Amid.

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Big Book Chain Chat

Writers talk books, writing and everything in between.



Christien Terblanche

Nadia could not tell time yet. It was the stillness of the night that told her that it was already past midnight, to her a magical line between today and tomorrow. She was born at this hour, her mother always said. She was called Nadia because the stillness of the hour brought hope that the morning was approaching.


Interview: Frankie Murrey on the Open Book Festival 2014

Frankie Murrey, Naomi Meyer

"Really, though, for me success is seeing people coming out of events looking like the world has opened up to them ..."


Ken Barris + Michael Cope = Cope Barris

Ken Barris, Michael Cope

"We worked the way we did because we’re the personalities we are, and we approach writing as we do, and the alchemy came from that wonderful unlikely combination."


Review: The Unsaid by Richard de Nooy

Natasja Schellaars

"The Unsaid is a powerful book in which everything makes sense, the humour is black where it has to be black and the characters are perfect in their imperfection."


Skate in the Cape

Anthony Molyneaux

"With the opening of a new skate park in Gardens, Cape Town, and the rise in skate competitions, what lies ahead for this increasingly diverse sport?"


Found in Translation

Jaco Botha, Mike Nicol

A casual conversation between Of Cops & Robbers author Mike Nicol and Jaco Botha, who translated the novel into the Afrikaans as Dieners & Donners.


Launch: Dare We Hope? by Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela


Launch of Gobodo-Madikizela's new book, Dare We Hope?, 18 August at The Book Lounge.